Otherworld Trilogy

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Otherworld #1
YA Fantasy
418 Pages

“Sometimes you must let go of who you were to
embrace what you could become.”

“And if that damns me to Hell?” she asked.

He smiled. “Then we shall meet again.”

There is an island that protects the young not because they are lost, but because they were taken. The Island of Oneiroi is not a mere destination for children and dreamers – it’s a sanctuary for the murdered and vengeance has come.

Adrianna Verdandi holds the cooling corpse of her foster brother, Geoffrey Martinez, when a curious stranger turns up with an invitation of passage to an impossible realm. Little did she know that accepting a second chance would bind their fates to the very darkness they flee from.

Time is of the essence, the rebels are rising up, ancient forces stir in the northern woods, and through it all a strange sailor named Titus watches bemused, shrewd, and knowing far more than he is willing to divulge about this ruthless game for power.

The darkness isn’t coming. It’s already there, walking in your shadow.

~JUNE 26, 2018~


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Otherworld #2
YA Fantasy
368 Pages

Eisen and the Crown consume themselves in a bloody battle of thrones succumbing to the siren call of a long foretold fate. With each move one makes the other must counter, tilting the ever-watchful balance of Oneiroi. The question remains: which shall rise victorious and which is the harbinger of darkness?

Risen from the ashes, the Whispers gather themselves to seize back Oneiroi and fulfill the prophecy they’ve guarded for ages past, determined to see it through. Set on destroying the Crown their powers stir the ancient forest that has shielded them until now. It is time to reclaim their realm.

Adrianna finds herself trapped within the Quidelish palace but nothing can keep her from fighting within. Using every ally and skill in her pocket she races to rescue her brother from a war he must not win. Forced into a position of emissary for all three warring parties she struggles to control the impending bloodshed.

The Island demands blood for blood,
but whose shall it be?

~March 26, 2019~


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Otherworld #3
YA Fantasy

Greeted by the dead of night, raised amongst adventure, destined to rule. At last the tale of a young girl named Cassandra Böcklin is unveiled. Born beside a twin brother she never knew, adopted by a widower with a love for painting and adventure, she was raised to love life. But as fate should have it this same girl who once dreamed becomes twisted into a tormented soul with a talent for draining the life of her enemies. Ambitious and betrayed, witness her rise to power as she builds herself a throne and seizes an island of magic for her own reign. There’s only one thing she overlooked…

The epic story that both precedes and concludes the Otherworld Trilogy

~October 29, 2019~


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