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❅Fall 2019

WINGS OF RUIN is both a prequel and a conclusion to the Otherworld series. Following the story of Crown Cassandra, answers and secrets are brought to the light explaining the foundation that ignited the war begun in Crooked Raven as well as unveiling machinations and motivations going on behind the scenes during the first two books.


❁Spring 2020

VICINUS, the third book in the Walking Shadows saga, dives into the wealthy Rochester Alliance that boasts technological feats and prestige, but when Maddy stumbles across its border as a refugee it isn’t the gilded world that welcomes her but the gritty urban underground. Befriending thieves, hackers, and diplomats, the world best ready itself for her rebellion amongst the comfortably confused.


❈ Summer 2020

DAWN TO DUSK, a companion novella to Solus, focusing on Bones’ time drafted into Sanctuary’s spy circuit.


ULTIO, the fourth book in the Walking Shadows saga, centers on the tyranny in the Pacific Confederation and a mysterious assassin by the name of Ares who has risen from the ashes to challenge both leaders and citizens alike in the name of revolution. Fear and false comforts hold society in its prison but after so many years of obedience will they be able to open their eyes and grasp onto the change Ares offers them?


❅Fall 2020

WHEN SILENCE SCREAMS, a standalone Little Mermaid re-telling.


✧2021 (Potential) Line-up:

DIG THE DIRT, a Walking Shadows novella
INITUS, the final Walking Shadows novel
WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMONS, a paranormal standalone

*Order of release dates are subject to change